Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Protect your biggest investment with home insurance coverage. A typical home insurance quote for single-family owned homes covers your home and other structures on your property for direct physical loss.

Update Your Policy

Make sure that you update your home insurance policy when anything on your house or property changes. You need to consider: Additional Living Expense -Where would you live if your home burned? Liability Coverage – How much to cover property damage and bodily injuries to others? Medical Payments to Others – How much is covered?Inflation – Will your policy cover a catastrophic loss?

Increased Coverage for Dwelling and Contents in Home Owners Insurance

You may want to purchase an additional rider to your property insurance to adequately cover your house and its contents. We offer an enhanced option that can provide these added benefits: broadened risk coverage for property; personal property replacement cost coverage (reimbursement for most of your personal possessions at today’s prices, with no deduction for depreciation); higher limits for property and liability protection, including money, securities, accounts, deeds and records, jewelry, watches and furs, silverware, firearms, memorabilia and collectibles.

Condominium Insurance

If you own a condominium, with this specific policy, in the event of fire, disaster or major damage, it will cover a loss that is not covered under the condo association’s policy.

Renter’s Insurance

With little warning, fire, a bad storm, or burglary could rob you of all you own. Your landlord’s insurance usually covers only his losses, not yours. Protect yourself and your household goods with a Renter’s Policy. In addition to protecting your possessions, our Renter’s policy also covers personal liability.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

In today’s litigious society, legal judgments in lawsuits often amount to millions, reaching well beyond the liability coverage limits of most auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance policies. Protect your assets by supplementing any existing liability coverage with our Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy.

Low Rates – More Insurance Protection

The cost of home insurance is always a factor, and for a surprisingly low rate, you can increase your home insurance protection by $1 million or more. Our Personal Umbrella Insurance can protect you if you are sued for: personal injury – shock, mental anguish, false arrest, wrongful entry or eviction, libel, slander, character defamation, invasion

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