Filing Insurance Claims through Norbay Insurance Services

When you contact us with your insurance claim, have a copy of all of the details of the accident or loss within reach in order to expedite the claim filing process. Concerned that you’re missing some important information, or looking to have your questions about what material you should provide for your insurance claim answered? See below for checklists, helpful tips and more so that your claims can be reported, filed and processed as soon as possible.

Think it is too late in the day to call? Absolutely not! Below, we have a list of the 24-hour toll free lines of our partners and numerous insurance companies.

  • The Hartford 1-800-327-3636
  • CSE Insurance 1-800-282-6848
  • AmTrust Group 1-877-528-7878
  • Progressive Insurance 1-800-444-4487
  • First American Specialty Insurance 1-800-348-3782
  • GMAC Insurance 1-877-468-3466
  • Foremost/Zurich Insurance 1-855-325-4765
  • State Compensation Insurance Fund 1-888-782-8338
  • Guard/Berkshire Hathaway Insurance 1-800-673-2465

*Please report all other claims to Norbay Insurance Services, Inc.

The Importance of a Claim Number for your Insurance Claims Adjuster

Once the insurance claim information is received, you will receive a claim number from your insurer. You will need this number for future inquiries regarding the status of your insurance claim, especially if you plan on monitoring its status online or over the phone. If the claim is significant, an insurance claims adjuster will be sent to the site of the accident to review the damages before awarding you the final sum.

Claim numbers are necessary for the monitoring of any insurance claim transaction, whether it is a homeowner’s insurance claim, an auto insurance claim, or a property insurance claim.

Strange claims scenarios

  • “Someone backed the car into our garage door… again.”
  • “I need to report a workers comp claim. One of our greens keepers was startled by a snake and twisted his knee during the get-a-way.”

“I drove into an enormous puddle of water on the road and my ultimate driving machine sank.”

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Steps to take before making a car insurance claim after a car accident

  • Have your policy number available.
  • Provide information on your car – its year, make, model, license plate number, and the damage it sustained. We also need to know where the vehicle is located, if it was towed from the accident scene for an insurance claims adjuster.
  • If the driver of your vehicle was different from the owner, we will need the full name of the operator along with his/her address, date of birth and driver’s license number and insurance information.

Other Car Accident Insurance Information Needed

  • Have same information on the other party/parties involved in the accident.
  • Information on their vehicle(s). including the name and address of the owner and operator of the other vehicle(s). Also include the year, make, model, license plate number, and the area of damage sustained of the other vehicle. The name of the other party’s insurance company would also be helpful.
  • If the police were at the scene of the accident, we will need to know which department responded and if there were citations issued to any of the involved parties. Include phone numbers, if available. If an accident report was filled out, you need to know when a copy will be available.
  • The date, time, and location of the accident including street names and any landmarks.
  • Names and addresses of any witnesses.
  • Names and addresses of any injured parties, along with a description of the nature of the injuries.

If your vehicle was damaged in an incident other than a collision (for example: vandalism, fire, glass), the same applies with more tips:

  • If your car was vandalized, please provide us with the names of any suspects, if available
  • If you have had an automobile fire, the state law requires you to complete a FP 33C report. This can be obtained at your local fire department.

If your vehicle was stolen:

  • Notify the police with details

Information on Insurance, Car for Claims Adjuster

  • If the vehicle has been recovered, we will need the current location of the vehicle.
  • If your vehicle has been burnt, state law requires you to complete a FP 33C report.
  • If an arrest was made, provide us suspect’s names, police case number and court docket number, if available.

Tips for filing a Homeowner Insurance Claim

  • Have your policy number available when you report the loss
  • Provide a description of the occurrence with as much detail as possible
  • The date, time and location of the incident
  • Provide a description of the damage or loss to your home, or your personal property, with details
  • An insurance adjuster will follow up.
  • Have your Personal Property Inventory handy
  • Know your insurance policy’s limitations

Please do not delay your insurance claim to us, if certain pieces of information are not readily available to you. The sooner we start, the sooner your claim will be resolved.